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Easy Speedriding and a lot more!

The FIZZ is the new easy Speedriding glider from Level Wings. The Wing is developed to unites easiness and progression towards the best levels in Speedriding.
The FIZZ is a compact wing, solid to turbulence and resistant to de-loading while skiing, bringing the wing truly one with the rider.
A large brake range gives for ultimate control over the wing and gets school pilots in tune with all the possibilities this Wing can unlock. This is our favorite wing for School Pilots to the everyday Speedrider.  
Beginners – The FIZZ was made to minimize the control actions. It is easy to operate, basic to control, and forgives imprecise movements. It gives you time to get familiar with the activity and develop your senses. You can progress at your pace and take the times to learn what it makes to be a great Speedriding pilot with this Wing for years to come. 
 And much more ! :
indeed, the FIZZ does not stop at this role of learning and will be your riding partner for the best lines and the greatest achievements! it knows how to be reactive, precise and stingy to allow you the actions of high skiability! FIZZ makes exercise effective!
A large choice in sizes give you a clear choice for fitting a gilder to your goals and level. You will be become a better Speedrider with the FIZZ.